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EVOLVEO Detective D04

NVR security monitoring system

EVOLVEO Detective D04, NVR security monitoring system]


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DVR monitoring and recording system using 4 CCTV cameras and it is equipped with a SATA hard drive slot

Price w/o VAT, EUR239
Price With VAT, EUR290
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Detective D04 is a fully digital NVR monitoring and recording system using 4 IP cameras and it is equipped with a SATA hard drive slot. It allows you to watch recordings from 4 cameras via VGA/HDMI output on your monitor or via LAN output and Internet on remote PCs, PDAs, Smartphones, etc. Recording can be carried out optionally as continuous or triggered by motion detection. Cameras are also suitable for outdoor use and their IR light allows night vision up to 25 m distance. Installation and operation is also simple thanks to a localised OSD menu. It is an ideal solution how to monitor and secure houses, offices, stores, factory areas and other places.

Detective is supplied with 4 cameras with a resolution of 1280 x 720 and a night vision feature for both indoor and outdoor use.
Records are stored on a HDD, which is not included, using H.264 compression.
The device allows sending an email upon motion detected by any of connected camera. Thanks to the LAN connection you have the access to cameras over the internet at any time on any PC, PDA, tablet, Smartphone, etc. Access is password protected.
The device also uses detection of video input signal loss, for instance when the camera is damaged. In such case, you receive a warning Email.
The device can be set to record continuously or the recording can be motion triggered.
A remote control and a mouse are included for the best user experience on your screen.
The well arranged OSD menu is available in Czech, Russian, English, Polish, Hungarian and other world languages. The device can be connected to a PC monitor via a VGA/HDMI interface or to a TV with such connector. The HDMI cable is not included.
It’s also possible to use the P2P (I-cloud) using which you can easily setup internet access without having to setup your router.

Cameras are powered through POE from the data cable.
The necessary cabling (2 x 15 m and 2 x 25 m) is included.

Technical specifications:

• NVR unit
• Video compression: H.264
• Video system: NTSC/PAL
• SW for Windows/Android/Symbian/MAC OS compatible devices available
• Video output: 4x LAN IP camera
• BNC, VGA, HDMI video outputs
• Recording display possibilities: 1 cam, 4 cams, switching
• Recording Quality settings: High/Good/Normal
• Recording modes: given time / motion detection / sensor triggered
• HDD interface: 1 x SATA HDD 2.5" or 3.5", maximal capacity 3 TB
• Recording searching: time/date based, event based
• SW camera motion control: yes (included cameras don’t support this feature)
• Network interface: RJ45 10/100Mbit/sec
• Network protocols: TCP/IP, UDP, DHCP, DNNNS, PPPoE
• Web access: realtime access using Internet Explorer and Smartphones
• Backup: AVI files via USB flash drive, USB external drive, USB CD/DVD
• Mouse: yes, included
• Power supply: DC12V/5A
• VGA/HDMI interface: yes
• Powering the cameras via POE: yes
• Wireless connectivity: via USB client or 3G modem (not included)
• Data stream: at medium quality approx 30 GB per 1 cam and day


• Outdoor design with IP65 compliant cover
• Recording sensor: 1/4" CMOS sensor with a resolution of 1280 x 720
• Lens diameter: 3.6 mm
• Powering the cameras via POE: yes
• Network interface: RJ45 10/100Mbit/sec
• Infra red range for night vision: 20-25 m
• Operating temperature: -20 to 55 °C

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