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HD DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC Recorder

EVOLVEO Alpha T2, HD DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC Recorder]

Part.No. / DT-3055-T2-HEVC

Order Code / TDE DT-3055-T2-HEVC

The EVOLVEO Alpha T2 is a dual multimedia HD DVB-T2 HD recorder of a new generation with H.265/HEVC support and a smart remote control.

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Price With VAT, EUR25
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Multimedia DVB-T2 receiver with H.265/HEVC support

The EVOLVEO Alpha T2 is a multimedia HD DVB-T2 recorder of a new generation with H.265/HEVC support which can also record your favourite programmes and play multimedia files from USB flash disk or external hard disk.

Smart remote control

The necessity to use two remote controls is one of the main inconveniences of using set top box. You use TV remote control to put the TV on and you use another remote control to control the set top box. To make using your set top box easier for you, we equipped it with a smart remote control that can be used to control majority of televisions. It means that our smart remote control can be taught to switch on and off the TV, to control its volume and its inputs. This way, you do not have to use the original remote control to control the television. You can therefore use only the remote control that you buy together with the device.

Multimedia equipment

The device can play most of multimedia files in a MKV, DivX, MPG, MP3, MOV or JPEG format from external or USB flash disk. The TV programme can also be recorded on an external disk in a digital quality. Evolveo Alpha T2 features teletext and Electronic Program Guide (EPG) support. It supports a Time Shift function, features well-arranged menu, Schedule Recording option and its standby mode power consumption is less than 1 W.

YouTube support

The EVOLVEO Alpha T2 can be extended with a USB Wi-Fi adapter to connect to your home network. Thanks to it, you can watch TV programmes and also play YouTube videos. The device features the YouTube application which makes it very easy to use. Wi-Fi adapter can be bought as a recommended accessory.

Simple remote control with big keys

If you need a remote control that is as simple as possible and that has big letters and features only basic functions, you can buy a remote control for seniors for your device. Its use is very simple and thanks to its big keys it is suitable mainly for senior citizens. The device enables you to use the smart remote control and the remote control for seniors at the same time.

• HD DVB-T2 receiver/recorder of a new generation with H.265 / HEVC support
• programmable remote control
• EPG electronic program guide
• YouTube support after buying Wi-Fi adapter

• Tuner compatible with DVB-T2, H.265/HEVC transmission
• Backwards compatible with MPEG-4 HD/MPEG-4 SD/AVC/H.264 HP@L4, MPEG-2
• Schedule recording and manual recording support
• Option of automatic switching to standby mode after the planned recording is done
• Recordings saved in the *.TSV format
• Screen mode: 4:3PS / 4:3LB / 16:9 / Auto
• 576i, 576p, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution
• FAT32/NTFS support
• Automatic installation, automatic channel tuning and manual step channel tuning
• Manual programme sorting possibility
• Well-arranged menu
• Teletext
• Time Shift support
• Dolby Digital Plus support
• Internal and external DivX/MKV subtitles support
• Automatic photo slideshow with transition effects
• Option of creating your own photo and music playlists
• Parent lock
• Supports firmware update via USB
• Standby mode power consumption: less than 1W
• Well-arranged LCD display
• Dimensions 135 x 70 x 28 mm
• Weight 118 g


• USB port (USB 2.0)
• Antenna input

Package content

• HD DVB-T2 H.265/HEVC recorder EVOLVEO Alpha T2
• Programmable remote control
• User manual

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