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EVOLVEO StrongPhone X3

wateproof rugged Dual SIM phone

EVOLVEO StrongPhone X3, wateproof rugged Dual SIM phone]

Part.No. / SGP-X3-B

Order Code / SGM SGP-X3

WiFi + WiFi HotSpot, 3G Internet, 2.0" display, high capacity 2 800 mAh battery, 2.0 Mpix camera, Bluetooth, microSDHC, PowerBank, replaceable side braces, powerful flashlight



Waterproof and rugged phone with maximum equipment - 3G and WiFi connectivity, charging function and extremely powerful flashlight

This phone is for all those customers who expect their phone to endure far more than the ordinary phones available in today’s market. It doesn’t matter if you are outside, at a construction site, being athletic, in a workshop or on the mountain trip, this phone will never disappoint you!

Highly rugged rubberised body makes the phone a reliable tool for intensive daily use. It offers the use of two SIM cards at the same time, which can be connected to the Internet via 3G or WiFi, you can also charge other devices and use its extremely powerful built-in flashlight. Maximum durability coupled with the outdoor design make this phone a universal solution to use at home, in the workshop, at construction sites, in a difficult terrains, in really cold temperatures all the way up to at high temperatures and humidity. The phone can handle water, mud, snow, high or low temperatures, dust and rough handling.

Waterproof and rugged with maximum IP68 protection

The Phone is shock, vibration, dust and even sand resistant. It features a "USB cap-less" waterproof micro USB plug in (rubberless caps) making your connection to a charger or a computer quick and easy.

Excellent ergonomics

The look of the phone can be easily change by replacing the dark red side metal braces with the dark silver ones, which are included.

Powerbank - external battery

The Power Bank function allows you to easily charge another phone or tablet via USB power.

Internet - via 3G or WiFi

This phone is the center of your digital travelling needs with a WiFi HotSpot feature allowing you to setup a wireless WiFi network around your phone. Then it is possible to share your mobile phone Internet access with other devices such as your laptop.

Built-in Flashlight

Extremely powerful flashlight is controlled by a dedicated button on the side of the phone. It delivers significantly more light compared to common mobile phone flashlights.

• Waterproof, complying with IP68 Specifications (1.2 m column of water for 60 minutes)
• 3G Internet connection Support
• WiFi and WiFi HotSpot Support
• Dual SIM - two simultaneously active SIM cards in one phone
• Replaceable 2 800 mAh Li-Ion battery
• PowerBank function
• Powerful flashlight
• exchangeable metal side bars
• Rugged, highly shock and vibration resistant rubberised body
• Cap-less USB charging / headphone output

• 2.0" screen with enhanced scratch and pressure resistance
• GSM: 850/900/1 800/1 900 MHz (GPRS/EDGE)
• WCDMA/HSPA+/HSDPA/HSUPA: 850/900/1 900/2 100 MHz (3G)
• Dual SIM: standard SIM + microSIM
• MicroSDHC card support (up to 64 GB)
• Flashlight with dedicated button for turning on/off
• Polyphonic ringing/vibrations
• Bluetooth
• 2.0 Mpix camera
• Image browser
• Calendar
• Alarm
• Video recorder
• Video player
• MP3 player
• Digital recorder
• FM radio
• Dimensions: 126 x 58 × 22 mm
• Weight: 194 g (battery included)

Package Content:

• EVOLVEO StrongPhone X3 mobile phone
• 230 V charger
• Headphones a with built-in handsfree
• User manual

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