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EVOLVEO StrongVision S2

wildlife camera/time lapse/MMS/Email

EVOLVEO StrongVision S2, wildlife camera/time lapse/MMS/Email]

Part.No. / CAM-S2-MMS

Order Code / SGV CAM-S2-MMS

portable, Full HD motion detection camera, wildlife camera, MMS/e-mail, night vision video/photo, time lapse video, 16 Mpix, PIR sensor, display, AV output for TV, microSD card



Portable water resistant outdoor camera with MMS and email support

Modern compact camera is ideal for taking pictures or shooting video with sound in areas where a classic camera system cannot be used. Fantastic option for surveillance applications in areas around your house, cottage, garage, inside the car, garden house, office or at the building site or for capturing wild life in distant areas. Recording on the microSD card is triggered when the camera detects motion.

Advantages of EVOLVEO outdoor camera

High-quality water resistant design, fast and easy setting, easy installation and manipulation at point of use, long battery life, external power supply, sending photos via MMS or email.

Full HD quality recording and high-resolution photos

Video can be recorded at the highest Full HD quality, night time video shooting or photographing is allowed by 36 sensitive infrared LED lights. Motion detection is extremely fast and the record is stored on the microSD card.

Time lapse camera

Time lapse mode allows you to easily record for example a construction project. Only thing you have to do is to set a time interval and the camera will take a picture every 30, 60 or 240 minutes and than store it on the microSD card.

MMS and e-mail notification support

When a SIM card is inserted, the camera can send photos as multimedia messages to your mobile phone or as an attachment to an email address. The camera is equipped with powerfull antenna ensuring good quality of GSM signal.

• water resistant design with protection against moisture and low temperatures
• sending photos via MMS or email
• motion trigger
• ideal for surveillance applications in areas around your house, cottage, garden house, office, at the building site, in the wild
• time lapse camera
• infrared night shooting
• records can be checked on the camera display
• microSD card storage
• photo resolution: 16 Mpix, 12 Mpix or 8 MPix
• video resolution: Full HD, HD or VGA
• colour photographs for day time shooting, black and white photographs for night shooting
• 36 LED diodes for night shooting

• big 2.0" display
• external GSM antenna
• multishot support: 1, 3, 6 or 9 photographs
• interval 1, 5, 10, 30 seconds or one minute
• length of the video 10, 30, 60 or 90 seconds
• each photo includes date, time, temperature, battery status
• four record types: camera, video, camera + video, time lapse
• 0.7 seconds shutter speed
• 60° field of view
• PIR sensor up to 20 metres
• PIN security option
• time interval shooting possibility
• time interval 1 second - 30 minutes
• camera is attachable to a tripod or to its surroundings using a fastening strap
• battery in a separate battery compartment for protection of internal electronic
• tripod supported
• outputs: AV output for TV, microUSB, microSD card
• power supply: 8x AA batteries or 6 V/1A external power supply
• dimensions 145 x 90 x 70 mm
• weight 305 g (without batteries)

MMS/GPRS setup software

Package contents

• EVOLVEO StrongVision S2
• GSM antenna
• fastening strap
• remote controller
• AV cable
• USB cable
• user manual

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